Edward possesses the rare combination of clarity, humour, empathy and a authentic drive to achieve the best possible outcome. This enables him to bridge language barriers, cultural differences and diversity. He is thus able to train/coach and engage every participant in the group. (in our case a very diverse bunch working on the complex topic of unconscious bias).

 Head of Investor Services, Leading European Bank

This project has been extremely successful. It has been very inspirational for us and I’m sure that our customer service standards will continue to improve. Our people are very motivated after attending the academy.

Global Head of Customer Services

Edward’s leadership training was incredible. It helped me get my arms around my must win battles, and helped develop a plan to obtain success in each area.

Executive, IT Services, Global Data Information Firm

Over the last three years, Ed has worked with my colleagues and me numerous times. Every course he has led has been really well delivered, I have found extremely useful and has had good tangible output. Ed has received great feedback following each session and I would certainly welcome working with him again.

– Phil Harding, Head of Stategic Accounts, Barclaycard


Edward is an inspiring trainer who is passionate about helping people improve. Having had the experience of a presentation session with Edward at a previous company, when I had the opportunity to consider doing the same for my team, there was no question who I was going to bring in.

As expected, Edward delivered a highly engaging session which brought energy and life to the learning experience. I would be more than happy to work with Edward again in the future and if you are considering working with him, there is no doubt you should.

All of the attendees in our workshop were glowing in their praise of him and the confidence they developed in their own delivery as a result has been fantastic to see.

Ross McGuire, Director, Symantec + BlueCoat

Edward is one of the most passionate trainers I’ve ever collaborated with. As a very skilled trainer, he is able to manage both the learning and the change process wonderfully.
I appreciate the way he managed to identify local training needs as part of a global training program and assisted the trainers throughout the transformation process.
I would recommend Edward for running complex learning processes, for having a great conversation about coaching and for creating great projects.

Diana Badea, Senior Manager Training, Human Resources at Vodafone

Edward helped us to challenge mind-sets that make our work more difficult.  I am excited to deal with situations of conflict and confident that I and my team are well equipped to help resolve organisational impasses.

Tim Ellis, Head of Programme Management, Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea

Ed, you are, and I am sure will remain, one of the outstanding facilitators I have ever worked with. Your sensitivity, intuitiveness and knowledge/skills are completely AWESOME!

Glyn, HR Manager, Sussex University

Edward is one of the most engaging trainers I have ever had.  I now have both the tools and insights to handle challenging situations.


Kylie Anderson, BT Openreach


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