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Edward-53Edward Nelson is a highly recognised facilitator, coach, mediator and trainer with over 15 years experience in leadership and conflict management. His work takes him from corporate boardrooms developing strategy and alignment through to public spaces facilitating conflict and change in venues from London to Shanghai.

With an MSc in Conflict Resolution he has worked on change programmes in all sectors – from creating a network of mediators in East London to building customer service alignment across a global manufacturer.

He is currently leading a number of Diversity and Inclusion programmes for both tech & financial services businesses that encourage recognition and discernment along with cultivating respect and inclusion and mitigating unconscious biases.

His private practice also includes individual coaching, training and consulting on change at both a personal and organisational level with a focus on developing leaders.

Inspirational Leadership; Impactful Presentations; Group Facilitation; Unconscious Bias; KeyNote Speeches; Interactive Training & Coaching for Performance + 360ᵒ Feedback

“My experience working with groups of all kinds has led me to believe they are the most powerful arena for change. Working at both ends of the spectrum, from “group-think” to chaotic dissolution, I help groups across sectors create greater dynamism, innovation and collaboration to develop insights and increase results. To do this, I use both traditional management models as well as co-opting those from psychology and more esoteric traditions in order to make it as dynamic and impactful as possible.”

Top level values:
1. Always learning
2. Create and follow excitement
3. Simplify & commit

Helping people and the planet toward prosperity since 02004.


  • ICF Accredited Training with Global Coaching Institute
  • MSc in Conflict Resolution, Birkbeck College, University of London
  • ZengerFolkman Extraordinary Leader(TM) Facilitator
  • Accredited Mediator with College of Mediators
  • Award in Education & Training (AET), Kensington & Chelsea College
  • Foundation In Systemic Constellations with Centre for Systemic Constellations

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Curiosity, creativity and connection are my core values and I love working with people who are keen to explore new ways of working and being.

I am passionate about supporting people to access their own potential. I work in a number of ways, including 1-1 coaching and group facilitation.

As a coach, I work with people around a range of areas including job changes and career moves, life balance, challenging conversations, relationships, managing their own state in times of pressure, to name just a few. I hold space for them to connect to their deepest dreams, and work with them whilst they take the steps needed to get there.