What we do

Work on your PresentEdge in the following areas:


  • Effective Leadership
  • Sales Enablement
  • Giving Dynamic Presentations
  • Facilitating Difficult Discussions
  • Mitigating Unconscious Bias
  • 1-2-1 Coaching

We also tailor sessions to meet your specific needs and offer one-to-one coaching to support changes at a personal level. Please see below for some examples:

Transforming Sales Leadership

Designed and delivered two years of sales manager training for a financial services business.

Aim: To implement and embed new sales methodology for a global financial services firm.


  • Engage leaders, L&D and HR in business and personal development needs
  • Create & deliver year-long skills development programme
  • Identify and train champions in sales coaching skills
  • Design and Deliver department wide sales conference
  • Run offsite strategy planning session for approx. 50 leaders
  • Deliver 4 day offsite sales training to 100+ sales people
  • Leadership training and planning to business units (2×2 day sessions)

Aligning Employee Engagement through Change

Aim: To align and integrate a global data services leadership framework and set direction post-merger.

Engaged with senior leaders through mergers and acquisitions to identify and implement critical actions for success in financial services and data management. Activities include:

  • Preliminary needs analysis with key stakeholders including leaders, staff, HR and L&D
  • Stakeholder engagement with diagnostic surveys and webinars
  • Creation of podcast/v-blogs to drive engagement
  • Facilitated 2 day leadership strategy offsite in a number of locations worldwide
  • One-to-one coaching for leaders as follow-up to sustain positive change

Mitigating Unconscious Bias

Aim: To increase effective collaboration and inclusion of local and non-local teams

Designed and delivered unconscious bias training to entire leadership team, including C-suite and 600+ managers in both telecoms and insurance businesses. Activities include:

  • Consulted with leaders and HR to identify potential patterns of bias in the workplace.
  • Creation of keynote speech; half day and 2 day training sessions
  • Authored article on Mitigating Unconscious Bias in the Workplace
  • Embedded unconscious bias awareness and mitigation strategies into on-going leadership programmes

Driving global consistency in customer services

Facilitated global customer service heads to create and roll-out a set of global customer standards in order to drive consistency of behaviour and delivery. This global manufacturer had the challenge of meeting multi-national service requirements within a very diverse marketplace across all continents and many cultures.

Aim: To create global consistency across the brand and improve customer service standards within each of the regions

Key Activities include:

  • Facilitating 2-Day Offsite alignment key drivers session
  • consulting with global heads to create and finalise global standards
  • Work with HR & L&D to create a roll-out programme which included:
    • creating a competency framework and assessment tool
    • work-based assignments
    • facilitating peer coaching
    • class-based learning and on-the-job exercises
  • Follow-up consulting to calibrate progress and global alignment and make changes to meet cultural needs and progress

Creating Dynamic Presentations

Worked with individuals and teams in all sectors on both internal and external presentations. Coaching can be done at an individual level or with teams to test and work with people’s performances and stretch them to their leading edge.

Contact us anytime to discuss how any of the above may suit you or your organisations needs.

For more, visit Edward’s LinkedIn page here.


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